Website optimization new direction of Shanghai dragon +UEO can save the site!

UEO is English user experience Optimization acronym, translated it into Chinese means to optimize the user experience, is your web site in response to the user’s experience to optimize the face of website content optimizing user level, in line with the principle of service for visitors, improve the site function, operation, vision and other elements of the site to get the favour of visitors, to improve the flow conversion rate by UEO.

4, the third party platform to build. Establish and maintain "and industry related sites distributed shops read more

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Love of Shanghai recently K station humble opinion

There is also a >

brother is the flagship of Taobao passenger station on the same day, although the K found one site Links there are as many as 5 Links is K, but I still always adhere to the principle of their own, wait 3-5 days. Today is a day to fifth, to the webmaster to send a QQ message, tell them I have removed his links (if included back, let’s continue).

3, website content can not see "

is a web site theme to replace the taboo, which is why we in the construction site must be selected before the theme direction, choose the right keywords, do the competitor analysis. Many people see the weight station profits, all rush on like a swarm of hornets. But over the past few months, found that weight loss competition is so big, difficult ah, to do other areas of little competition. Think of webmaster love Shanghai point of how it would consider this problem, don’t you feel a bit "unfaithful", poor user experience, do not drop right K station that even if you’re lucky. read more

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How to shorten the cycle of new optimization to enhance the optimization effect

new station on the line, a lot of time to optimize work is very troublesome, especially some enterprise site halfway up, at the beginning of the site has not considered the website structure and user experience, resulting in the optimization process is difficult if midway at the beginning of the site will take into account these points will shorten the optimization cycle to improve our website optimization then, the specific effect, we should optimize the strategy of how to develop the new station? Well, here the author and do a detailed analysis of what. read more

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Making clear the site map to make your website included fly

1, HTML site map

if the structure of a web site is very deep, it is very difficult to take up the search engine, to spiders can crawl into your deep structure of the site, so the site map is a must, how to do site map is what we now want to explore the topic.

2 and XML in the form of site map

XML form

1, on the website to promote the role of

2, the site structure optimization have a direct help.

site map is the basis for a website, so, what role? There are two main effects:


site map mainly has two forms, a site map is HTML, English is sitemp—s to lowercase, this site map is mainly to the user, a list of all the main website page links page. It should be noted here, whether small or large, the site map must be clear, to give people a clear effect of the. All of the page to the station you can complete the entire page list, and for large, can make the most important link, but the structure of the website must clear. If the site map is not the idea, the site map can imitate others good, after Chongqing Shanghai Longfeng Ding will explain how to make the site map, this is the site map to love Shanghai. read more

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Love the six factors of Shanghai keywords ranking

page update frequencyThe update frequency of

ER a lot of Shanghai dragon in order to make the site get better ranking, suddenly add anchor text links a keyword, the consequences of doing so will lead to search engine 11, so the anchor text links can not be too single, to the appropriate dilution, this will allow the search engine that is normal to increase links, rather than human caused.

: the first URL length and static

keyword densityPerhaps the

chain is an important factor to improve the website weight and keywords ranking, only a day steady rise of the chain, the high quality of the chain site, only to have the opportunity to get a better ranking in the search engine, the general chain rapid rise to the site caused by the only damage > read more

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How to arrange new examples to analyze the website structure

2. written description, the description is to let us through a sentence, the key words, the web content, and the keywords into, describe the expansion of the title is, "the central meaning is further elaborated. "The description does not need to be too long, to highlight the main content of the website, highlighting the main keywords, to write attractive.

For example,

1. we must first understand the basic knowledge of HTML, because it is in the site must be used, simple head, body tags we must understand the most basic, we must know how to write the title website. The title is the key for a web site, write the title, in the website optimization process may play a multiplier effect. The title should generally cover the entire content of the website, and the site of the primary key in the title, the title is to tell the search engine and users, what are the main contents of our website. The website not only home to a different title, the title of the page is not the same as read more

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Love Shanghai bidding is the enterprise website optimization promotion booster ranking

because of its own limitations, the enterprise website traffic is not high, people will naturally think of the big platform to send outside the chain, but the enterprise website wants to send the chain form can get stable flow is very difficult.

this is the moon blog for more exciting to make painstaking efforts, please pay attention to the Nantong Shanghai dragon Website Optimization: 贵族宝贝yechangliang贵族宝贝/

we can use love to put Shanghai auction target keywords is optimized, so the keywords, the keywords related to the long tail word can get stable search traffic, this precisely to the flow of love Shanghai and click on the algorithm, the website keywords ranking in Shanghai who love second pages, third pages of content is not enough the rich, the quality of the chain is not high enough, the layout is not reasonable, but these enterprises sites do not have enough traffic, especially love Shanghai search traffic. read more

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n the face of the tangled novice how to do Shanghai dragon sprocket

3. chain construction. The sprocket is a big collective, if there is a K will also affect other site rankings, this will bring everyone together to suffer, so new Adsense doing, we must pay attention to the original web site content, if it is not the original, it also must be original. As I started on the ixwebhosting Chinese station, link the 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 home page, because no time management stations, using collection tools, update the content of the website, and blog registration is also using the tool, a long time my weight is very high, but the site is still being K. So in the chain, not lazy, do not use the Tools > registration station read more

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How to use the software bugs love Shanghai products chain increases

Zhidao you love Shanghai friends already know very clearly, under normal circumstances we often use, because there are a lot of acquisition station also collected love Shanghai Zhidao, if your answer is the best answer, the acquisition opportunity is higher, but the heart of fine people we will find how in response to the problem of the moment can not add URL, sometimes just released successfully by seconds to delete. In fact, this is the love of the Shanghai face flooding link and custom rules, so add in link requirements review approved, and after a relatively low rate. But there are several ways to achieve such as: 1, 贵族宝贝zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝/www.xiake5贵族宝贝; 2, 贵族宝贝hi.baidu贵族宝贝 /www.chong 3, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝; image.baidu贵族宝贝/www.***贵族宝贝 4;, //s.***贵族宝贝; we are in the "Chong Shanghai dragon talk with insect insect marketing assistant do pay attention to the inquiry platform" referred to in Shanghai itself is the love link to add the URL, but this method the pass rate is lower than before, I can also add in data to the form to join the site, relative to the probability of higher, so how best to add URL, it is best to have a high level of account, we can use the bug to answer love Shanghai know, nothing is there hung replied, a dozen a day, Chong Shanghai Longfeng tried an account / a I Answer questions > P read more

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How to do the case analysis of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis for B2C website

following Yang Zi on Shanghai Longfeng mall EVOC group:

. In the domain name: mall before diagnosis, first easy to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon has what kind of value.

(Search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon search engine optimization), which in order to enhance web search engine natural search results (non commercial promotion results) included the number and ranking position and do optimization behavior, it has two purposes: 1. liters keywords website ranking, attracted traffic, a trading. 2. to improve the website user experience, let users understand the company even if it is not on the site can also feel the company’s strong strength and rigorous high-end corporate image. read more

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How Shanghai dragon website down right respond

the moment with the continuous reform and love Shanghai, link is the search engine against cheating methods, so it is best not to buy website through the link to maintain this ranking, so will one day be right down.

if the chain website suddenly lost most, then this will lead to the site to drop right. This time, we want to put the chain back up as soon as possible, so that the site entered a stable period.

chain also want to pay attention to a good, if the chain do all forum signature, the chain is not the user’s needs, will lead to site is down right when the garbage outside the chain too much. Because of this reason, when the site right down, so the best way is to stop the side of the spam chain, while doing a leading chain to help users. read more

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A personal blog for a month from 1 to 4 weight sharing experience


a small sum, before does not update the snapshot and not included in the article, mainly because of the blog in October last year before almost did not update the article, natural love Shanghai spiders also know this site is not updated, so the spider crawling frequency is very low, by regularly updating the blog, the Shanghai spiders love slowly I know the update frequency, through a period of "investigation" began to regularly crawl on my website, included new article.

today with the webmaster tools to check the next blog of the Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive state, suddenly found the love of Shanghai, weight 4, or 3 in the morning, too excited, write down this blog weight on 4 experience, share exchange. read more

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Shanghai love the performance of the site into the sandbox and Solutions

site into the sandbox love Shanghai solution

Talking about my pregnancy topic a few days before

I love Shanghai station in the judgment of the sandbox reason, the first observation of me these days. (hereinafter refers to love Shanghai has nothing to do with the Google sandbox sandbox.

because the previous article mentioned most of these problems, so do not repeat.

3, every 1 to 2 original article, Shanghai will receive love before, now love Shanghai not included, but see the spider log found, the update, the spider crawl, but is not put out. read more

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Confessions of a bitter Shanghai dragon Er, site of the Shanghai dragon is too difficult to do

on the website of the "public relations", let me realize the importance of Shanghai dragon technology. But Shanghai Dragon technology is constantly changing and updating, the past method through May after one or two big update, it becomes a point with No. An obvious example is used in the A5 left on the personal signature links in China blog, blog and other provincial Lu Songsong webmaster blog website with link chain, have little effect, because of too much trouble to give up the message, but then become worthless. Riding in Shanghai, especially in the study of dragon and phoenix. read more

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A5 marketing what kind of website can really suck gold

caused by this one result? Flow high but the low income of the website is very large, but low flow, high income website is not in the minority. Today the red orange blog He Guijiang, and summarizes the common characteristics of some of these years met those suction gold website, see your site if there is a gap of

What is the root cause of

to do a website to let users unable to part


star endorsement of the brand more popular in fact why? One reason is simple: This product is packed more tall, get the trust of customers. read more

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See the search long tail word brings big rising traffic to the site

I know this station in mid 2012, in my impression, a short period of six months, the PR rose to 5, Shanghai love weight is reached 7. This is not a familiar site, is how to grow so fast in such a short time? We compare the weight of shot down things over and mogujie贵族宝贝 should be able to find some reasons.

is such a simple sentence, insert the words in the proper position, then, to the related products, eventually forming a competitive page long tail word, long tail word which can be infinitely extended, its power is how much you should know. read more

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Site drop right is not terrible is the key to recovery method

site was recently, for example the dedecms site is linked to the Trojan etc..

2, the web server is not stable, often can’t open phenomenon.

which often do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster in familiar, because we all know that in addition to change the search engine algorithm outside our site is down right are key factors, so we must be prepared to find the reasons, so as to achieve the purpose of solving the right. Generally speaking, we need to do is to check the site within the first, to see whether the site of normal jump, whether there is death, or Links implicated, of course, these we see the premise is we can guarantee the quality of the content on the website, if your site is the reason then the acquisition station is right down the it is too obviously. When we check itself didn’t find the reason if we need to check our chain is normal, whether there is lost. Through the internal and external inspection to guess why we drop right site, so as to solve. > read more

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See the network marketing execution environment from Sun Tzu

I have to Lee, Peter Lee, to fight.

can I go, he can pay for it.

in the marketing operation, are likely to encounter some.

customers will inevitably lead to some extreme phenomena, such as no matter what, or what if not, or three minutes of heat and so on, for these customers is difficult to fully meet their needs, so you can try to do marketing and development according to their preferences, but also to make the loss of customers psychological preparation.

The core areas generally do not easily enter the rival read more

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Since the independence of Shanghai Longfeng share

It is important to fill

do love to do Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia is a bit difficult, but also has some time period, an audit is relatively loose, and some time when the audit is too harsh, what is more wouldn’t let you through, it is recommended that you do other Wiki to recommend, and encyclopedia. The weight is not low, for everyone to see me to do it and the Encyclopedia of fountain station.

The importance of the original

here I don’t need to say it, when the fountain station update took me a long time, because it is not familiar with the industry, did not write the article, this time to collect some of this article some libraries, check not included, not included is equivalent to the original, and then use their own words to write some original articles at the beginning of the end, a complete. read more

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The enterprise website operation optimization of Shanghai Longfeng always believe that adversity m

The above

and the many friends is also engaged in the operation optimization of nearly two years so I have deep sympathy and compassion, the operation of workers from dawn to dusk, sleep late than pigs earlier than roosters, is often synonymous with our webmaster, of course, in the process of this period of work in joy have trouble, because the ranking increased feel proud and excited when the site is down right and feel unhappy, we are ordinary people difficult to do the ancient people say not pleased not to have compassion realm, we have to bite the bullet on the road again, in spite of many difficulties and setbacks, who let us is the webmaster, who let us in such a very careful occupation. Since we have chosen to take, against the sun before we see the sun, I believe that adversity makes a strong. read more

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