Hungarian Journalist Charged with Disorderly Conduct Faces Prosecution

Casablanca – The Camerawoman who tripped a Syrian refugee in Hungary last year faces prosecution. One of the most memorable incidents of September of last year is the scene of a Hungarian camerawoman kicking a Syrian refugee who was carrying his son as he ran from the police. The incident caused tremendous furor at the time, and resulted in the camerawoman being sacked from the TV station where she worked.Exactly one year after the incident, Hungarian prosecutors have filed charges against Petra Laszlo. A referendum will decide whether or not Hungary should accept European migrant quotas scheduled for October Laszlo, who received a wave of criticism on her Facebook page last year, was charged with ‘disorderly conduct’ while her prosecutors denied that the assault on the Syrian refugees was an act of racism.“While filming she kicked a young man in the shin with a swift kick of the sole of her right foot, and also kicked young girl around the knee with her right foot,” said the prosecutors in a statement reported in The Guardian.Laszlo was not prosecuted for kicking the Syrian man who was carrying his child:“[Laszlo] kicked toward a man carrying a child in his hands, but the kick did not reach the man. The man carrying the child still fell, because … one of the policemen tried to catch and restrain him, and he lost his balance as he broke free,” continues the statement.Petra Laszlo expressed her regret at the misdeed last year when she was fired from N1TV due to “unacceptable behavior.” She said in a statement quoted in the Russian tabloid RT in October last year that her “life was ruined.”As to the fate of the Syrian man who fell to the ground, Osama Abdul Mohsen, he had been offered a job position by Cenafe, a football academy in Spain, where he works now as a mediator between the Arab and Spanish football worlds.

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