Melilla Police Find Migrants Hidden Inside Moroccan Mattresses

Rabat – Inside two mattresses mounted on top of a vehicle crossing from Morocco into Melilla, the Spanish Civil Guard found two underage sub-Saharan African migrants on December 30.According to Spanish police sources, the police received orders to open the trunks of all cars entering Melilla from Morocco. The driver fled when he realized that the officers were also going to inspect the two large mattresses attached to the roof of his vehicle.Read Also: Why The World Needs the Global Compact for Orderly MigrationIn October, one sub-Saharan migrant died and three others were injured when 200 people stormed the border between Morocco and Melilla.In 2015, Adou, an 8-year-old Ivorian boy hid in a suitcase to cross the border between Morocco and Ceuta.Read Also: 31% of Migrants Arriving in Spain Were Moroccan in 2018

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