Moroccan Army to Get New Uniforms for MAD 91 Million

Rabat – Lieutenant General Abdelfattah Louarak, the inspector general of Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR), has announced tenders for four contracts worth an estimated MAD 91.3 million to acquire new military uniforms, reported Maghreb Intelligence on March 9.FAR will award one contract for camouflage combat clothing (MAD 22.5 million). The second is for camouflage parkas (MAD 42.4 million). The third is for embroidery (MAD 22.5 million). The fourth contract is for new belts (MAD 3.9 million).FAR will award the contracts on April 18. The army will get its new look just in time to match its new recruits.In February, King Mohammed VI asked the government to recruit 10,000 Moroccans into obligatory military service, beginning in September 2019. The newly established compulsory military service is expected to cost Morocco MAD 500 million annually.The Moroccan government approved two decrees to implement the law on obligatory military service in January. The military service is expected to start in September.The FAR has seen several revamps since General Louarak took office.In January, Louarak appointed new military officials to high-level military positions in Morocco’s southern provinces.The general had sacked some officers and sent others into retirement in 2018 over “misconduct,” according to Moroccan newspaper Al Massae.Also in January, Middle East Monitor reported that Louarak instructed the military to modernize “its technological and counter-espionage capabilities.”King Mohammed VI appointed Louarak as inspector general of FAR in January 2017.The same month, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) boss Abdellatif Hammouchi changed the uniforms of DGSN staff as part of a strategy to modernize the police.The new service uniform included a metal badge on the chest to indicate the identity and number of the security agent.

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