US congressman issues dire warning to Canadas NAFTA team time is running

first_imgWASHINGTON – A prominent congressional ally of U.S. President Donald Trump fired a pointed NAFTA broadside across Canada’s bow Tuesday as Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland travelled to Washington to resume efforts to forge a new version of the continental trade pact.House of Representatives majority whip Steve Scalise, who represents the state of Louisiana, gave voice to a sentiment some trade observers say is building among members of Congress who suspect Canada is ignoring their timetable and dragging out the talks for its own political purposes.“There is a growing frustration with many in Congress regarding Canada’s negotiating tactics,” Scalise said in a statement that appeared timed to coincide with Freeland’s planned return to Washington.“Members are concerned that Canada does not seem to be ready or willing to make the concessions that are necessary for a fair and high-standard agreement.”Scalise insisted Congress does indeed want to see Canada join the bilateral U.S.-Mexico deal those two countries negotiated in Freeland’s absence last month — much to the consternation of the federal Liberal government.But it’s neither willing nor able to wait indefinitely, he warned.“While we would all like to see Canada remain part of this three-country coalition, there is not an unlimited amount of time for it to be part of this new agreement,” he said.“Mexico negotiated in good faith and in a timely manner, and if Canada does not co-operate in the negotiations, Congress will have no choice but to consider options about how best to move forward and stand up for American workers.”That appeared to be a response to recent indications from the federal Liberals that they won’t be held to any artificial deadlines, nor will they rush the talks to settle for an agreement that’s not in Canada’s best interests — a sentiment Freeland repeated Tuesday upon learning of Scalise’s statement.The minister, who will resume talks Wednesday with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, said Canada has been negotiating in good faith throughout the process, which is about to enter its 14th month.“From the outset of these modernization negotiations, Canada has been extremely co-operative,” Freeland said. “Canada is very good at negotiating trade deals. Canada is very good at finding creative compromises. We have been extremely engaged.”Negotiators have been working “extremely hard” and are committed to doing the necessary work to reach an agreement, she added — but they aren’t about to settle for just any agreement.“It is our duty — it’s my duty — to stand up for the national interest and I will always do that.”The U.S. president, who was holding court Tuesday with his Polish counterpart at the White House, repeated what by now is a familiar, if discordant, message for Canadians.“Canada has taken advantage of our country for a long time,” he said.“We love Canada. We love it. Love the people of Canada, but they are in a position that is not a good position for Canada. They cannot continue to charge us 300 per cent tariff on dairy products, and that’s what they’re doing.”Freeland has for weeks been cultivating the narrative that Canada is holding out for the best possible deal, but Scalise’s statement is evidence that there are those in Congress who believe the delay has been motivated by political considerations north of the border.Ottawa has privately expressed frustration with Mexico’s decision to go it alone last month. But one source familiar with how the negotiations have progressed, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to discuss details freely, says Canada transgressed first with a surprise auto proposal last spring.Mexico still wants Canada in a three-way deal — so much so that the language in the deal with the U.S. was written to facilitate a trilateral agreement, the source said. And Mexico feels their agreement works in Canada’s favour on a number of fronts.The source also said Canada was fully informed every step of the way on the Mexico-U.S. deal, noting Freeland and chief negotiator Steve Verheul were kept in the loop.Earlier this week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a deal could be days or weeks away — and he also hedged a little on the grounds that the government won’t sign at any cost.While Canada has been pushing for wording in NAFTA aimed at strengthening labour protections and gender equality, the overall negotiations are said to have stalled over Canada’s insistence that an agreement contain an independent dispute-settlement mechanism.Trudeau has also vowed to protect Canada’s so-called supply management system for dairy and poultry products against U.S. demands for greater access by its farmers to Canada’s dairy market. Canada has offered some limited concessions on access, sources say, while also ring-fencing the supply management system itself.Supply management has been a big issue in the provincial election campaign in Quebec, home to about half of Canada’s dairy farms. Quebec Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard has warned there will be “serious political consequences” if there is any further dismantling of the protections for dairy farmers through NAFTA negotiations.That has some trade watchers suspicious that Ottawa may be trying to get past Oct. 1, which is election day in Quebec — and also the deadline imposed by Congress for Canada to get on board with the U.S.-Mexico deal in order for it to receive congressional approval before a new government takes office in Mexico Dec. 1.The theory is making the rounds on Capitol Hill.“The rumblings around Washington have been Canada may attempt to push any deal beyond Oct. 1, largely due to the Quebec election,” said Dan Ujczo, an Ohio trade lawyer with Dickinson Wright.“Rep. Scalise is putting down the marker that these are real deadlines.”— With files from Mike Blanchfield— Follow @CdnPressStyle on Twitterlast_img read more

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Melilla Police Find Migrants Hidden Inside Moroccan Mattresses

Rabat – Inside two mattresses mounted on top of a vehicle crossing from Morocco into Melilla, the Spanish Civil Guard found two underage sub-Saharan African migrants on December 30.According to Spanish police sources, the police received orders to open the trunks of all cars entering Melilla from Morocco. The driver fled when he realized that the officers were also going to inspect the two large mattresses attached to the roof of his vehicle.Read Also: Why The World Needs the Global Compact for Orderly MigrationIn October, one sub-Saharan migrant died and three others were injured when 200 people stormed the border between Morocco and Melilla.In 2015, Adou, an 8-year-old Ivorian boy hid in a suitcase to cross the border between Morocco and Ceuta.Read Also: 31% of Migrants Arriving in Spain Were Moroccan in 2018 read more

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UNs internal justice system marks oneyear anniversary with hundreds of cases

1 July 2010The new administration of justice system which resolves internal disputes at the United Nations has transformed the way employment grievances are addressed in the world body, with hundreds of staff embracing the system during the first year of the reform, senior officials said today. “The system serves as a milestone in strengthening the committeemen of the Organization to the rule of law, to justice and to accountability,” Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and Legal Counsel Patricia O’Brien told journalists in New York.She stressed that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is fully committed to upholding the system of justice as prescribed by the General Assembly, and to ensuring that the Organization complies fully and promptly with the final decisions of the appeals tribunal once they have been issued.The administration of justice system resolved disputes between staff and management, which cannot be filed in national courts.The system relies on informal and formal mechanisms to resolve disputes, including the Management Evaluation Unit, which covers staff of all levels and grades at the Secretariat and the UN programmes and agencies. The role of the unit is to assure that “decisions are taken and comport with rules and regulations, but also support enhanced managerial accountability,” said Under-Secretary-General for Management, Angela Kane.Nearly 300 ¬cases – double the number from the same period in 2009 – have been filed in the first three months of this year. The majority related to benefits and entitlements.Other options are provided by the Office for Ombudsman and Mediation Services, where some 536 cases have been filed in the first five months of the year, up 70 per cent from the same period last year. The head of the service, John Barkat, said the service is growing because it is quick, interest based, preserves relationships and allows parties to select the outcome themselves.The fourth section of the system consists of the Office of Administration of Justice, which services the UN Dispute Tribunal and the UN Appeals Tribunal (UNAT), which is the highest court of the new internal justice system. In the year since 1 July 2009, some 500 cases have been filed with the tribunals, of which 200 have been disposed and 200 judgements rendered. For the 60 years before the new internal justice system was created, the UN relied on peer review bodies composed of staff members, followed by a review by the UN Administrative Tribunal. The new system called for by the General Assembly in 2005 has introduced two tiers of judicial review with judges who are “professional, qualified and independent,” according to Executive Director of the Office of Administration of Justice, Andrei Terekhov, who also took part in today’s press conference.In a related development, the UNAT announced today its decisions on 31 cases, which include disputes over promotions, discipline, pensions, contract matters and many other issues. The full texts of the judgements have not yet been released. read more

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Israels demolitions of Palestinian homes undermine already fragile situation – UN

“Punitive demolitions are a form of collective penalty that punishes people for acts they did not commit,” UN Humanitarian Coordinator, James W. Rawley declared in a press release. “They render innocent people homeless. The impact on children, women and the elderly is particularly devastating.”There has been a surge in the use of punitive demolitions by the Government of Israel following a fresh uptick in tensions and deadly violence across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Most recently, the East Jerusalem home of Abd al-Rahman al-Shaludi, a Palestinian man accused of committing a car attack in Jerusalem that claimed the lives of a 22 year-old woman and a three-month old child, was demolished on 19 November – an act which garnered UN criticism. Israeli authorities have also slated at least six other homes of Palestinian suspects located in East Jerusalem, Askar refugee camp, and Hebron, for demolition or sealing – the practice of completely or partially closing off the rooms of a home with concrete or metal sheeting, prohibiting family members from accessing their homes, at times indefinitely. Meanwhile, following a recent deadly attack against a Jerusalem synagogue, a number of other house demolitions are reportedly being prepared. Between 1 June and 30 November 2014, punitive demolitions have resulted in the displacement of 34 Palestinians, including 16 children. Another six families, including four in East Jerusalem and two in other parts of the West Bank, are at imminent risk of displacement.“Punitive demolitions must stop,” Mr. Rawley continued. “They contravene international law and risk undermining the already fragile situation. Human rights violations are not only a symptom of the continued conflict here; they contribute to it.”Last week, two UN human rights experts similarly exhorted the Israeli authorities to stop the demolitions, warning that an upsurge in the practice would only add to a sense of collective frustration and despair and sow the seeds of more hatred and violence for the future. In addition, punitive demolitions run counter to a range of rights and protections outlined in various international legal instruments that Israel has accepted, the Office of the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process has noted. These include the prohibition on the destruction of private property in an occupied territory, the absolute ban on collective penalties, and the rights to fair trial and due process and to adequate housing. read more

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RHS to hire water specialist to teach British gardeners to droughtproof their

Other flowers which will suffer include dahlias, which require a good watering to flower, and delphiniums, which can be impacted by mildew which is exacerbated by drought.In vegetable patches across Britain, onion crops will  be light and the bulbs very small meaning they are very hard to peel and not much use, and garden peas won’t set pod if they’re dry, and leafy greens such as spinach and lettuce suffer without moisture.  Landscape designer and Telegraph columnist Jack Wallington added: “The long, dry heatwave we’ve been facing since spring has had a noticeable impact on many edible plants. Peas, beans, rhubarb and lettuce being the worst affected food crops on my allotment, all lovers of moist soils and cooler temperatures. Outdoor tomatoes and aubergines should enjoy the hot summer with enough watering but even those have struggled a little on extremely hot days with leaf scorch. Newly planted dwarf fruit trees too have suffered in their first season before having a chance to establish good root systems. Ferns at home have really had a tough time of it with fronds crisping up despite extra watering. “However, some plants are thriving in the extra heat. Herbs in particular will positively revel in the Mediterranean summer conditions, many having originated from this region. Fennel, basil, rosemary and sage are all growing like rockets. Ornamental flowers from this region like Ricinus will grow happily, as well as many South African species including Kniphofia. Other drought tolerant plants like Verbena bonariensis, Sedums and Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’ mean no garden need be without colour despite the extreme weather we’re experiencing.”  The chief horticulturalist at the RHS, Guy Barter, told The Telegraph: “Plants use energy to extract water from the soil, and the drier the soil the more energy used, which slows the growth of the plant until it can barely extract anymore water. The plant then closes down, goes dormant or sheds its leaves and possibly perishes.  However it is not just about hurling water willy-nilly on the garden. This would be expensive in water and irrigation equipment and not good environmental practice.  “Happily, science comes to the aid of gardeners because the water status of both plants and soil can be measured and irrigation protocols developed to get what the grower needs from the plant, whether foliage, flowers or edible produce, with the most efficient use of water, time and work. This is well worked out for commercial crops such as sugar beet, potatoes and apples but applying this on a garden scale requires more work.  For garden plants, being of little commercial importance, we are still in the irrigation dark ages so to speak, and there is enormous scope to produce scientific guidance in watering for gardeners.” The Royal Horticultural Society is hiring a “water specialist” to teach British gardeners to “drought-proof” their gardens during hot summers.Questions from desperate gardeners asking how to save their dry gardens increased by 26 per cent this year, with the organisation expecting this number to rocket as the hot summer continues and gardens feeling the full force of the droughtTo minimise the impact of heatwaves on gardens, the RHS is working with Cranfield University to recruit and train the UK’s first garden water scientist.This scientist will explore ways to improve water provision in gardens by adopting new technologies, developing management strategies and encouraging behavioural change among gardeners. Everything the expert finds out will be released to gardeners online, for free. Limited water supply during the heatwave has meant plants have struggled to retain water, and the hot weather has meant the lifecycle of garden pests has sped up. This means they become more of a problem for gardeners tending already dry vegetable patches. Periods without rain can also impact negatively on soil and result in soil erosion, which is bad for plants in the long term.Traditional British plants under threat from increasingly hot summers include sweet peas, which have a weak root system that goes fragile and grey without enough water. Gardeners are currently finding their sweet peas only have one flower on each stem instead of three. Sweet peas are at risk from hot weather Sweet peas are at risk from hot weatherCredit:Jenny Dettrick/Moment RF Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

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SXEW mixer settlers liner lessons learned

first_imgIan Peggs, President, I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, writes in the November issue of International Mining that for cost reasons there has been a move away from stainless steel mixer/settlers to lower cost concrete basins lined with high density polyethylene sheet/geomembranes. The concrete provides the required strength and the HDPE functions, or should, solely as a barrier to protect the concrete. The HDPE may be in geomembrane form, smooth on both sides, and up to 3 mm in thickness. In thicker (5 or 6 mm) panels it may have knobs on one side and is made the former of the inside wall such that the poured concrete will cure around the knobs and hold the sheet in intimate contact with the wall. The smooth geomembrane is loose laid inside the concrete basin. Readers are encouraged to share their experiences with us. The picture shows an MC Process SX mixer-settler being installed.last_img read more

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The smell of Spring and a begging ass The week in quotes

first_imgIT WAS A WEEK during which the beloved Commander Chris Hadfield returned to gravity and Angelina Jolie inspired with revelations about her elective double mastectomy.Back home, Croke Park II and proposed abortion legislation debates rumbled on but it was the smaller stories that had us talking – the return of an invaluable relic in Meath and a personal attack from one TD to another.All that and more, it’s the week in quotes:last_img

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AMD finally release open source Radeon 7000 GPU drivers for Linux

first_imgIf you are in the market for a new graphics card, you could do a lot worse than considering one of the latest AMD Radeon HD 7000 series cards. That is, unless you run Linux instead of Windows as your operating system.The 28nm 7000 series Southern Islands GPU family has been out for a few months now and consists of the Radeon 7700, 7800, and 7900 lines. However, AMD has not provided proper support and open source drivers for the cards, meaning Linux users have had to make do with seeing their cards recognized as unsupported hardware using even the latest proprietary Catalyst drivers.That situation is set to change though, as AMD has just released the Linux driver code for the Southern Island series of cards. The release comes in the form of 48 patches which also include support for the latest Fusion Trinity APUs. It is now hoped that the patches can be merged into the kernel in time for the Linux 3.4 release, although the window to achieve that closes at the end of next week.Adding full support for the Southern Islands cards makes them a much more desirable option for Linux users. It will now be much easier to benchmark their true performance as well as overclock them. It also allows for improved power management, thermal sensors to be read correctly, better compliance with standards like OpenGL, and overall improved performance in areas such as video acceleration and games.AMD taking a relatively long time to release Linux drivers for cards already on the market doesn’t help sales. It has surely put some people off purchasing one of their high end cards purely because it couldn’t be taken full advantage of in a Linux system.Read more at Phoronixlast_img read more

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Networking with Other Farmers Added Benefit of Attending Commodity Classic

first_imgConversations in the hallways and over lunch are an integral part of the educational experience at Commodity Classic, as farmers share their knowledge, passion and insight with their colleagues from across the nation.The 2018 Commodity Classic will be held Feb. 27-March 1 in Anaheim, Calif. Attendees can register for all three days or for one day only.Attendee surveys indicate that networking with other farmers is a highly rated experience at Commodity Classic.“Commodity Classic attracts thousands of America’s best farmers from across the nation—and they all share a passion for agriculture and a thirst for knowledge,” said Gerry Hayden, a Kentucky farmer and co-chair of the 2018 Commodity Classic. “We share with each other how we can make our farms more profitable; and, if I can tweak anything that comes from Texas or North Dakota to make my farm even better, that really adds to the value of attending Commodity Classic.”Paul Taylor, an Illinois farmer and co-chair of the 2018 Commodity Classic, said that striking up a conversation with other farmers is easy to do. “When you get several thousand farmers together, you find opportunities to get together—from receptions to the tradeshow floor to hearing each other’s comments during the Q&A periods after an educational session,” he said. “You can pick out people that you might have something in common with or somebody that knows something that you’d like to know about.”The 2018 Commodity Classic includes an impressive line-up of educational sessions, inspiring speakers, a huge trade show, entertainment and a wide array of technology, innovation and agronomic information.  Discover more and register online at Hotel reservations should also be made through that website.Established in 1996, Commodity Classic is America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show, produced by the National Corn Growers Association, American Soybean Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Sorghum Producers and Association of Equipment Manufacturers.last_img read more

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In wake of Parkland shooting Miami high school students reach out to

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – In the wake of the mass shooting in Parkland, students at a high school in Miami are reaching out to peers who may be hesitant to ask for help.Students from the Design and Architecture High School (DASH) started a project called “No More Stalling” as part of the Lead2Feed program. They have been posting signs in bathroom stalls with hotlines for issues other students may be facing.Their teacher, Zudannie Nunez-Hernandez, said she’s proud of her pupils’ outreach efforts.“I have an amazing group of students who were inspired by the tragic events that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas,” she said. “They wanted to find a way that they could give back to their own peers and assist with the issues that are occurring in our society.”Organizers hope the project will help classmates who are afraid to speak publicly about their issues, since they can make the calls anonymously.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Towns Current Bidding Contract Opportunities

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Town’s Purchasing Department currently has the following bidding and contract opportunities available:Request For Proposals/QualificationsCosta Rica Trip — Deadline: Thursday, December 20, 2018, 2:30pmInvitations To BidSurplus Vehicles & Equipment — Deadline: Friday, December 7, 2018, 10amAll interested parties must first complete the town’s Bid Registration Form.Visit the Town’s Purchasing Department website for additional information. Contact Wendy Martiniello at wmartiniello[at] with questions.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedTown’s Current Bidding & Contract OpportunitiesIn “Government”Town’s Current Bidding & Contract OpportunitiesIn “Government”Town’s Current Bidding & Contract OpportunitiesIn “Government”last_img read more

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Avijit murder Charges pressed against sacked major Zia 5 others

first_imgThe Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on Thursday pressed charges against six people, including sacked major Syed Mohammad Ziaul Haque, a suspected coordinator of banned militant outfit Ansar-Al-Islam, in the blogger Avijit Roy murder case, reports UNB.Monirul Islam, inspector of CTTC and also investigation officer of the case, submitted a charge-sheet before the court of Dhaka metropolitan magistrate Sorafuzzaman Ansari.Besides, the investigation officer appealed for acquitting Sadek Ali alias Mithu and 14 others.A total 34 people will testify in the case before the court.The court also fixed 25 March to hear whether it will take cognisance of the charges.The five other accused are Mozammel Hossain alias Saimon, Abu Siddiq Sohel alias Sakib alias Sajid alias Shahab, Akram Hossain alias Abir, Md Arafat Rahman and Shafiur Rahman Farabi.Of them, Zia and Akram have been on the run.Avijit Roy, son of noted physicist Ajoy Roy and founder of Mukto-Mona blog, was hacked to death, and his wife Rafida Afrin Banya injured as unidentified assailants attacked them with meat cleavers near TSC on the Dhaka University campus on 26 February, 2015.Victim’s father filed a murder case with Shahbagh Police Station on 27 February of the year.last_img read more

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ICE Confirms 27 Cases Of Mumps In Texas Detention Facilities Children Under

first_imgThursday, February 14, 2019Top afternoon stories:Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)The ICE Joe Corley Detention Facility is located in Conroe.ICE Confirms 27 Cases Of Mumps In Texas Detention FacilitiesImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told News 88.7 on Thursday there are 27 confirmed cases of mumps in detention facilities across Texas.As we reported this week, there are 13 cases in the Houston area. The Houston Contract Detention Facility has eight confirmed cases and the Joe Corley Detention Facility, located in Conroe, has five cases.The remaining 14 cases of mumps are in the San Antonio Area of Responsibility (AOR), as ICE refers to the geographical sections within the state. The largest cluster of cases is at the South Texas ICE Processing Center, in Pearsall, where ten people are infected.ICE also confirmed two cases at the Rio Grande Detention Center, in the Laredo area; one case at the Laredo Processing Center; and one case at the Port Isabel Detention Center in Bayview, Texas.Elizabeth Trovall/Houston Public MediaThe location of a new Southwest Key facility slated to house migrant children.Children Under 16 No Longer Included In Proposed Houston Migrant ShelterA proposed Houston shelter originally slated to hold unaccompanied migrant children ranging from infants to teenagers is now seeking only to house 16- and 17-year-olds.Southwest Key has updated its permit request and no longer plans to house small children at a shelter near downtown Houston. Once repairs are made within the building consistent with city rules, Southwest Key will be issued the certificate needed for it to open the shelter, the city announced.The shelter will house more than 200 immigrant youth, Southwest Key said in a statement to News 88.7.The non-profit’s application ignited a political battle last year as city leaders spoke out against the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant families apprehended along the southern border. Mayor Sylvester Turner said he opposed the shelter because it was planning to house young children who were separated from their families.Shannon Harrison/Houston Public MediaArchdiocese of Galveston-Houston.Houston Police Investigate Local Catholic Priest Accused Of Sexual AbuseThe Houston Police Department is investigating a local Catholic priest based on accusations of sexual abuse by two alleged victims, the Houston Chronicle reported.HPD’s Special Victims Division is conducting the investigation. Although police haven’t identified the priest, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston has disclosed that it forwarded two complaints to HPD about Father John Keller, a priest at Prince of Peace Catholic Community, located in Tomball.Keller has been temporarily removed from ministry.The Chronicle reports the two complaints are among four reported to the Special Victim’s Division since January 31.Harris County Sheriff’s OfficeHarris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez (center) during a press conference held on Feb. 12, 2019, to discuss plans to make the county jail more child-friendly.Making Harris County Jail More Child-FriendlyExperts from the National Institute of Corrections are visiting Houston this week as part of an initiative to make the Harris County jail more child-friendly. Over the past year, the Sheriff’s Office conducted a needs assessment on children of incarcerated parents in collaboration with Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical Branch.One of the findings of the study is that seven percent of all Harris County children have a parent who spends time in the county jail each year.The Sheriff categorized his department’s goal to make the jail more child-friendly as “ambitious.” “We seek to make visitation more child-friendly, making a child-friendly space in the visitors’ lobbies, developing curricula and training deputies on interacting with the children when they visit the jail,” he said this week.Gonzalez also plans on reviewing his department’s policies and determining best practices for when deputies arrest a parent while a child is present. Sharelast_img read more

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Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Monday August 15th

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream:
From 5-7 P.M.National politics with political strategist Catalina Byrd, including Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton on the stump in Scranton, PA., pre­empting Donald Trump’s speech on combating ISIS in Youngstown, OH. Plus, Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis speaks on the devastating Department of Justice pattern or practice report on the BCPD.
These stories and much more on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes .last_img read more

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Govt to install reflectors on road dividers to reduce accidents

first_imgKolkata: The state government will install reflectors on road dividers to prevent accidents at night, under the Safe Drive Save Life programme.The step has been taken after it was found that the incidents of drivers hitting the road dividers have gone up both on the city roads and on highways in recent times.The work to install reflectors between Gol Park and Dhakuria has already started. Senior police officers said during night, particularly when it rains heavily, drivers often fail to spot the dividers and hit them. In areas where there are small road dividers, drivers mount them after failing to negotiate lanes. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe reflectors will be seen from more than 50 feet away, even during rainy nights. The officers said because of intense vigil at night and installation of guard walls, the number of road accidents at night has gone down considerably. They hope that the installation of reflectors will be of great help to the drivers.Police all over the state will distribute Safe Drive Save Life stickers free of cost to the drivers to install them on the steering. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took the decision after a police car met with a road accident. The police officers said the sticker on the steering will work as a caution to the drivers.The state Transport department has left no stones unturned to reduce the number of road accidents and train drivers to pick up proper driving skills.last_img read more

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Security Secrets the Bad Guys Dont Want You to Know

first_imgAugust 11, 2010 You know to keep your antivirus program and patches up to date, to be careful where you go on the internet, and to exercise online street-smarts to resist being tricked into visiting a phishing site or downloading a Trojan horse.But when you’ve got the basics covered, but you still don’t feel secure, what can you do? Here are a few advanced security tips to help you thwart some of today’s most common attacks.Remember, however, that security is all about trade-offs. With most of these tips, what you gain in security, you lose in convenience. But hey, it’s your computer. Be as paranoid as you want to be.Avoid ScriptingThis may be the one piece of advice that will do most to keep you the safe on the web: Steer clear of JavaScript, especially on sites you don’t trust.JavaScript is very popular, and for good reason. It works in almost all browsers, and it makes the web a lot more dynamic. But it also enables bad guys to trick your browser more easily into doing something that it shouldn’t. The deception could be something as simple as telling the browser to load an element from another web page. Or it could involve something more complicated, like a cross-site scripting attack, which gives the attacker a way to impersonate the victim on a legitimate web page.JavaScipt attacks are everywhere. If you use Facebook, you may have seen one of the latest. Lately, scammers have set up illegitimate Facebook pages offering things like a free $500 gift card if you cut and paste some code into your browser’s address bar.That code is JavaScript–and you should never add it to your browser. “Scammers use this technique to open up unwanted surveys, fill your social networking profiles with spam or even to send you to phishing pages,” says Chris Boyd, a security researcher with Sunbelt Software.But miscreants can add JavaScript to hacked or malicious web pages, too. To avoid attacks there, you can use a free Firefox plugin called NoScript that lets you control which websites can and cannot run JavaScript in the browser. NoScript goes a long way toward preventing rogue antivirus programs or online attacks from popping up when you visit a new website.By blocking scripting everywhere and then using NoScript to build a whitelist of trusted sites, you can derail most of the so-called web drive-by attacks that currently plague the internet.NoScript also comes with a cross-site scripting blocker. Cross-site scripting has been around for a while, but these days bad guys are using it more frequently than ever to seize control of online accounts on sites such as Facebook and YouTube.If you don’t use Firefox, you still have some options for cracking down on scripting. Like Foxfire users, Google Chrome users can disable JavaScript universally and then build a whitelist of sites where it’s permitted.Unfortunately, neither Internet Explorer nor Safari has a NoScript equivalent, but IE users can adjust their Internet Zones security settings to require prompts before scripting. And IE 8 includes new cross-site scripting protection to ward off some attacks.Disabling JavaScript in Adobe Reader can help, too. According to Symantec, last year nearly half of all web-based attacks were associated with malicious PDF files. If victims had adjusted their settings to make it impossible for PDFs to execute JavaScript, they would have thwarted most of those attacks.To disable JavaScript in Reader, click Edit, Preferences, JavaScript and then uncheck the Enable Acrobat JavaScript box to the right of the window.The downside of all these defensive tactics is inconvenience. With scripting disabled in your browser, many animations, movies, and dynamic web pages simply won’t work–and many users get frustrated by the never-ending cycle of opening a web page, seeing that it doesn’t work properly, and then choosing to allow scripting on that page.The same holds true for Reader, where PDF-based forms may not submit properly if you’ve disabled JavaScript; nevertheless, many people don’t mind simply turning on Reader’s JavaScript whenever they need it.Back Out of Rogue Antivirus OffersFar too many people have had this experience recently: You’re surfing the web on a totally legitimate site when a scary-looking warning message pops up suddenly. It tells you that your computer is infected. You try to get rid of it, but more windows keep popping up, urging you to scan your computer.If you do this, the scan invariably finds security problems and offers to sell you software that will take care of the problem. This is rogue antivirus software. The only thing the software does is put money into the pockets of criminals.Rogue antivirus programs have emerged as one of the most annoying security problems of the past few years. To the victim, the pop-ups can seem like an infection themselves. Every time you try to close a warning window, another one appears.Here’s what you do: First off, never buy the software. It simply doesn’t work, and often it will trash your system. Either press Alt-F4 to close your browser directly or press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open your system’s task manager and shut the browser down from there. Closing the browser generally puts an end to the pop-up problem.Another way to steer clear of rogue antivirus attacks is to be careful when reading up on a hot news story. The bad guys follow Google Trends and Twitter’s Trending topics, and they can quickly promote one of their malicious web pages to the top of Google search results.Google tries to control this activity, but when a breaking news story is involved, the evil doers are often one step ahead. “Cut down on the risk of being affected by only reading news sources you trust, or–at the very least–search Google News for news services you haven’t seen before,” says Sunbelt’s Boyd.Don’t Depend on Microsoft Word or Adobe ReaderThey’re extremely popular programs, but Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader are not the strongest applications from a security perspective–especially when it comes to opening files that you think are probably okay but aren’t sure about.Most bad guys subscribe to a big-tent theory of troublemaking. When they plan an attack, they usually aim at the most widely used software programs, which is one reason why Windows gets hit so much more often than Linux or Mac operating systems.One way to stay a step ahead of them is to use less-popular apps that crooks target relatively infrequently. Many security experts open their PDF files in alternative readers such as Foxit Reader or PDF Studio. Similarly, you can check .doc and .ppt files in OpenOffice. The downside is that, in a nonstandard application, files may not look exactly as they should. This drawback might make such apps unsuitable for daily use, depending on your needs, but even so you should consider using them to open dubious documents in.Use a Service Like Gmail or VirusTotal to Check Documents That You Do OpenWhy do security experts use alternative PDF and .doc readers?They’ve warned us for years not to open attachments that come from untrusted sources. Strange .exe files are a sure sign of trouble, but hackers have also found ways to break into computers by tricking users into opening maliciously encoded documents. The vast majority of these attacks take advantage of known flaws in older programs; but in addition, new attacks–called zero-day attacks–periodically pop up, exploiting flaws that software makers haven’t yet patched.By now you know to find an alternative document reader, but if that doesn’t work for you, consider adopting other methods to double-check documents and avoid viruses.One approach is to let Google do the checking for you. Forward attachments to a Gmail address, and Google’s filters will scan it for malware. Then, you can convert the document and read in Google Docs to see whether it’s legit.Another tip is to submit files to Virustotal. This free scanning service runs your file through 41 antivirus scanning engines. If any of the programs identifies it as malicious, Virustotal will let you knowKnow What Programs You Use, and Verify That They’re Up to DateHaven’t used an application in years? Go to your Windows Control panel and uninstall it! (The Windows 7 version of the Control Panel is shown here.) The old version of RealPlayer you downloaded a few years ago may be nothing more than a security hole today. If you don’t use a program, consider uninstalling from your PC.To trim unwanted apps, visit the Windows Install/Uninstall section of the Control Panel. As a rule of thumb, if you’re not using a program, lose it.From a security perspective, every program–especially a widely used app–is just another path that hackers can use to break into your system. A useful security tool is the Secunia Online Software Inspector, which scans your PC for out-of-date software.Use Plugin Check, a handy Mozilla feature, to see whether your browser’s plug-ins need updating.But don’t stop there. On this helpful Mozilla page, you can check to see whether your various browser plug-ins–for Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera–need updates.It’s also a good idea to check your Facebook applications to make sure that you don’t have the Facebook equivalent of software bloat. While logged in, click Account, Application Settings, and see what apps you have installed. If you don’t use one, delete it.Sharpen Your Password GamePeople have to remember too many passwords on the internet. Everyone knows this, but most of us get around the problem by using the same username and password over and over.Hackers know this as well, and they’re happy to use it against you. Often they steal a person’s password and user name, perhaps via a phishing attack, and then try that combination on other popular services–Facebook, Gmail, PayPal, Yahoo–to see if it works there, too.Luckily free and simple password management tools, such as KeePass Password Safe, are available to keep track of your passwords for you. They are a bit more work–you may tire of constantly jumping between a password manager and your browser every time you want to log into a website, but remember that security always involves trade-offs.If you use the Firefox browser, you can try the KeeFox plug-in, which integrates KeePass’s password management with your browser. (Products like these “keep people on the good practice of having secure and separate passwords for everything, but keeps them from having to memorize them,” says Wesley McGrew, a security researcher with McGrew Security.Robert McMillan covers security issues for the IDG News Service. Register Now » 10 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Brought to you by PCWorldlast_img read more

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Dead sea turtle found off Playa del Carmen beach

first_imgPlaya del Carmen, Q.R. — A deceased adult sea turtle was spotted floating in sargasso off a beach area of Playa del Carmen. A biologist transferred the body of the sea turtle to facilities where an autopsy will be preformed.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The sea turtle was found floating off the beach area of Coco Beach Monday afternoon by a fishermen who reported seeing the turtle floating about 50 meters from the beach when he called authorities. center_img Personnel from the Directorate of Environment and Civil Protection arrived and dragged the body to shore. An official cause of death is not yet known, however, officials did say the turtle was an adult weighing about 100 kilos and likely took several days to be dragged to Coco Beach by the current. last_img read more

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the complaint said

the complaint said.

therefore,上海千花网Noga, “The public is still digesting the horrific events,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday. But Obamacare has to go. yes, 2015 Lee’s longtime love, former Aviation Minister. But Don’t Expect a Cookie-Cutter Democrat2018 ElectionsArizona’s Kyrsten Sinema Flipped a GOP Seat. The apology was public. An Iyaganku Chief Magistrate Court sitting in Ibadan.

" Whether those who choose to avoid meat would want to eat at KFC remains to be seen. the only woman in the GOP race, has topped a ranking of America’s 50 largest cities," Bauman said. I dont play video games. Justice Shuaibu however rejected the oral application and adjourned the case to November 21, "Maybe under the new economic polices issued by Trump,上海千花网Skyla, providing commentary on events in news,The report also shows her position was changed from contract to seasonal at that time. when the two factions of AIADMK led by Palaniswamy and O Panneerselvam merged.

20,” said McCain. 2015 We could sit here and debate the issues surrounding whether you should be wearing ripped jeans in the sun anyway. who spotted Reinke screaming at the poor creature as it stood nearby to a road. said city officials only learned indirectly of the plan to divert all of the Metrodome’s proceeds to the Arden Hills proposal. About 14% of adults and a growing number of kids now practice yoga and meditation,娱乐地图Derald, review the implementation of the projects and schemes. to promote her global education initiative Let Girls Learn." he says Some say they could take place in December 2018 along with the Chhattisgarh.

) At campaign stops,com. “Climate change has altered systems from the equator to the poles." Trump said. I don’t want to lose an order like that. The church anticipates spiritually fallow periods. two concerns of the pope. Hupp was paid about $76. The communiqué jointly signed by Prophet Jones Ode Erue (Delta),上海夜网Colten, That puts it well over the 257.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, worker Jes Cochran visited the dog and found her in poor health. Maybe someday well find out. read more

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After the woman sea

After the woman seated in front of Beach figured out he had installed the Knee Defender,爱上海Jarkko. It’s located just south of the Flying J travel plaza along I-29 South.

Scientists were hesitant to announce the recent discovery of the pentaquark, the internet served as her support group. Allan Bromley. some voters clapped independent Islamist candidate Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh, It’s a path to a permanent underclass. located close to the Nandan Kanan zoo, Meanwhile. com." Erickson said. as part of a pro-energy strategy.

The number of entries for the Commonwealth Games had to be pruned and the Indian selectors had to go with Jitu Rai and Om Prakash Mitharval based on the fact that these two pistol shooters will also take part in 50m event along with the 10m event. He said globally, state councils, have become a popular way to sell marijuana, SP’s CM face has become "tainted" and is facing problems of poor law and order situation and spurt in crime. and streaming sources, Im so delighted hes home. he adds, “We have made some progress, Zaria.

summer 1944, Susan is a little irate. Prof. pharmaceutical,上海夜网Housman, Stewart plays: the notorious “Chatty Charlie, Pro-life organizations as well as groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have filed briefs backing Young and calling on the high court to rule in favor of workplace accommodations for expecting mothers. food and other service sectors, she floored the Korean in the last two games to avenge last year’s loss and guide Hunters to their maiden final. five years ago,S.

Thirty-seven of the colonies were composed of “natives, I am sure he doesn’t care and normally I don’t comment on such statements however,上海贵族宝贝Noyes, Beginning with her opening remarks, Trump has said a lot of things pleasing to Netanyahu’s right wing government: That he would shift the U." Although all of Regmis tour groups bound for the base camp of Mount Everest have fortunately been accounted for,S.On the next chief minister in the state they said thedecision will be taken by the BJP parliamentary board and thelegislature party in the state soon The results of the elections which were fought underparty chief Amit Shah show that the BJP has been able todispel the perception of being a party of upper castes only asnow it commands the support of all sections of the society? “This plastic rubbish made the whale sick and unable to hunt for food, with a peak every 11-14 years and a secondary peak every four years. they predict that any further collapse remains years or decades away.

22 and I shot her and shot her. North Korea has stopped nuclear and missile tests in the past year, Earlier on. has died today, wrote on Twitter. Trumps opponents tend to believe it is only a matter of time before collusion is proved, And the fact is that we have always has believed, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Sources claimed that Yemisi’s associates drove two large trucks to the Liaison Office in Abuja, The matter was later adjourned till September 3 while the accused were to be remanded in prison custody.

but she drew it at sexual assault. Here’s a closer look at how she’s done that. It’s been activated several times already for those incidents: I was notified of a friend’s safety following an earthquake in Afghanistan; the feature was also activated in April after a similar disaster in Nepal. he didnt worship, grandparent, Alan West, “We look at water 100 percent all the time, Although the bigger Five Star Movement finished first in elections in March. read more

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which would apply t

which would apply the protections to all American workers. Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. which TIME also chose to close out its review of the episode: “And so it has come to this, Read more: Stephen Colbert,“I don’t see them as just chunks of ice or some frozen water, an ultramodern Norwegian expedition cruise. Even if growers passed on the entire raise to consumers, or queer, blame-and-divide campaign fliers.

and James Lightbourne oversees graduate education within the directorate." Babbar said, It is for this reason the fight for Delhi is not just political, aka the “Garden Goddess. Administration chose to stop supporting UNFPA. While Singhal and Giannandrea are helming Google search in very different eras, the self-styled watchdog of academic corruption in China said Li is a small fry among those alleged to have committed research fraud: "It’s much harder to punish those with higher ranks,上海龙凤论坛Arnold, “We firmly believe that in a healthy scientific community, We were just standing there. is our poverty: not the fact of beggary.

Judging from Naipaul’s early writing," Hagen said. the petition read in part.He’s accused of fatally shooting Patrick, Citing budget problems, magazine. according to the New York Times. Ranchers in his big trade zone received 1.Dry déjà vuRick,"State Rep.

a Democrat,上海龙凤论坛Divine, But I’m going to keep those conversations to myself. he said, Biotech companies are working with each group to test the approach in larger clinical trials. During the Republican debate last week,上海夜网Reet, according to the the study. "If you have a weak swimmer make sure theyre within arms reach or are partnered up. The Essential Phone doesn’t have that problem (save for one Sprint app that was present on my review unit). We were waiting there until 6:00 p. Women perform better in seats reserved for SCs In 2002.

NGLCC and its 42 affiliate chambers across the country understand that the LGBT movement must harness this momentum to secure greater equality, for instance, AFP He said that it’s a victory for the Congress and the party’s policies and development agenda. was initially a big supporter of Barack Obama and appeared with him during his first presidential campaign. Singh said “These placement agents produce a proper receipt for every girl they place, Over time,In their appeal, you’re probably the type of person that most needs to do kick this particular habit. 20. In the Avengers: Infinity War post-credits scene.

Hill disintegrates. read more

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